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About Us

About -

  1. is a platform to connect the Charitable Organisations with Donors worldwide. 
  2. Provides Free online presence for the Charities with an Unique Homepage and URL. 
  3. Charities can list their necessities for the purpose of fundraising and also for the first time, they could list their needs as goods or materials other than money.
  4. Donors can search for their desired Charities and donate in few clicks regardless of their location. Apart from funds, they can also donate goods and also volunteer their time & skills wherever possible.
  5. Corporate Donors can easily donate for the CSR needs with just a few clicks and allocate donation funds to various needs.
  6. Every Donation made will be given to the Charities in Full without any deductions, overheads or expenses.
  7. Online Payment Gateway facility for Donors to donate to the Charities of their choice from anywhere in the world.

About Parent Company - Tara Blooms Trust

   Tara Blooms Trust, a non profit foundation with a social perspective aiming to leverage information technology for the prosperity of donors and Charitable organisations. It includes working with trusts, charities and non-profit organisations on social welfare projects to serve our community.

Vision & Mission 

  • To reduce the difficulties for the donors in reaching the charities. 
  • To help poor people, orphanages and charities raise funds and sustain in their missions. 
  • To help donors to choose the desired charity for the donations.

Our Other Projects

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For Malnutrition - Coming soon

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